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Step Teachers has compiled some of the questions that schools across the UK frequently ask us. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our team is on-hand to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I want to place a vacancy with Step Teachers – what do I need to do?
To place a vacancy, visit our Contact Us page and call your local branch.  Alternatively, you can use our website; click here and complete the details on the screen.  One of our consultants will then begin searching for the right candidate and contact you immediately.

What time can I call you in the morning or evening to place a last minute booking?
As soon as you find out that you have a staffing need then contact us so that one of our consultants can take the details and start the search immediately. Our offices are staffed from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.  Once the office is closed, our consultants are then on-call around the clock to answer your calls personally.

Are your supply teachers and support staff cleared through the DBS, and if so do they have a copy of their Enhanced Disclosure?
All teachers and support staff that attend schools through Step Teachers have had Enhanced Disclosures carried out and returned to them prior to them taking on any work. Furthermore, all teachers have been stringently checked according to DfE guidelines, so you’re safe in the knowledge that staff in their schools are legally allowed to work in UK schools.  Finally, schools receive confirmation of all our checks from our Assignment Confirmation which is either emailed or faxed to you before the teacher attends.

What confirmation do I receive when I book a teacher/support staff from you?
Once a booking has been confirmed on the phone, your consultant will arrange to fax, email or post an Assignment Confirmation. This information sheet includes the key stages to be taught, the dates the teacher is needed to teach, the cost to the school and all the teacher’s vetting details. 

What information should I provide to the teacher when they first come to our school?
A well-prepared teacher will perform far better and have a more productive day; however, there is not always enough time in the morning to conduct a tour of the school and provide an induction. If your school has a pack for supply teachers, please do give this to them.  Alternatively, if you can provide us with a copy, we can distribute this to the teacher before they attend your school. Please contact your consultant if you require advice regarding what information should be included in a supply pack. We have examples of various induction packs for supply teachers that may help to get you started.

One of our teachers/pupils suffer from severe allergies, so we request that some items are not brought to the school; what should we do?
Please contact Step Teachers immediately.  We shall endeavour to ensure that any teacher attending your school is aware of what items should not be brought in.

We have just found out that we no longer require a supply teacher after a booking has been made, what can we do?
There is no cancellation fee charged provided that you have given us suitable notice. However, we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee should the cancellation occur after 7:00 am on the day. This will represent a full day's charge.

How can I give feedback about a teacher?
Whenever a school has used the services of one of our teachers, your consultant will contact you at the end day to confirm how the teacher has performed.  The feedback that we receive is then passed onto the teacher. We strongly believe that this feedback is vital to the teacher’s ongoing development. Not only does it identify areas where teachers need further training but it also affirms they are doing a good job under challenging circumstances.

We want to take one of your supply teachers on contract. What do we need to do and what’s the charge?
The first step would be to contact your consultant and confirm that you would like to offer the teacher a contract. Once we have established the length of the contract along with the pay scale that the teacher is being offered, we can confirm what the charge to the school will be. The consultant will also discuss the various payment options available to you, which include an extended period of hire, a secondment (placement fee split into a series of terms) or a permanent placement fee. Your consultant can also save you further money by highlighting any discounts that are available to you where a teacher has already completed work on supply at your school.

We're not happy with the supply teacher that we had; what can we do?
If there is any area of our service you are not 100% satisfied with, please raise the matter with your consultant or visit our Contact Us page and log a Feedback enquiry. Alternatively, if you feel the matter requires a higher authority, please write to our Head Office or ask your consultant to arrange for a call from our Managing Director, George Georgiou, who will do his utmost to address your concerns within company guidelines.

What are your opening times?
Our offices are open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.  Once the office is closed, our consultants are then on call around the clock to answer your calls personally.

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