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Recommend a Friend

We've revamped our Recommend a Friend scheme, making it bigger and better than ever before. Here's how it has changed:
  • Bigger - We have increased the vouchers from £100 to £200!

  • Better - Both you and the person you recommend will now receive £100 each.

  • Quicker - You both qualify for the full amount after just 15 days of work!

  • Simpler - The same process and amount now apply to all support staff as well.

But we haven't stopped there! Everyone's name goes into the hat for a chance to win a holiday worth £1,000! There's no limit on the number of people you can recommend…so get ready to do some shopping!

​Looking for our school Recommend a Friend?

Then you can recommend a candidate here by clicking this button: Recommend a Candidate

Terms and Conditions

- Any recommendations must not be current or previously registered workers with Step Teachers.
- Partial Days: If your friend works part of a day, their days count as half a day, not a full day.
- Any recommendations to Step Teachers prior to 1st September 2023 would fall into the old RAF scheme.
- Entitlement Conditions: You will not receive a Recommend a Friend (RAF) reward if:
- Your friend is not interviewed within 90 days of their application being sent.
- They have not worked within 180 days of their interview date.
- They have not worked 15 days within 360 days of their interview date.
- Your friend or Step Teachers decide not to proceed.

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