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Cover Supervisor Training

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Last week Step Teachers held their first Cover Supervisor Training. It was well attended by the group large enough to ensure there were enough chat and support with some excellent questions being asked. The session started with what it means to be a Cover Supervisor. Then it moved on to what’s expected of cover supervisors by schools and vice versa.

A large amount of time was given to Behaviour Management but as always, it wasn’t long enough, so more time will be spent on this at the next course. After lunch, dos and don’ts advice was offered and time for more questions. During the training the attendees were taught some games which they could use in schools as well – thankfully everyone was willing to join in, which made for lots of fun and laughter, amongst the more serious points. East Barnet hosted the course and it was a great venue, so thanks to them, as well as those who came along, for making it a successful training session.


Reviews from attendee’s

“Venue was great but the course was particularly enjoyable because of the way it was taught, in a fun and interactive way. The trainer was engaging and approachable. Thanks very much!”

“I feel more prepared. I’d love to attend another course.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone starting out as a cover supervisor.”

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