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Supply teachers: 4 tips for your first week at a new school

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As a supply teacher, it’s inevitable that you may feel a bit nervous when starting at a new school. But, with the right attitude and preparation, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to make a great impression and feel much more relaxed.


Check out our handy advice below, as we share the four key tips for mastering your first week as a supply teacher at a new school.

Do your research

Before joining the school, make sure you do your research. Familiarise yourself with their website and check out any Ofsted reports that may be available. Before your start date, it may also be worth asking for the class timetable and any policies they may have in place.

For example, if they have any particular classroom rules, behavioral policies or escalation processes, it’s important that you know what these are and what you’ll be expected to do in certain circumstances.

Bring resources with you

If you’re new to the school, you probably won’t know what resources they have in place. While it’s likely that you’ll be provided with everything you need, you don’t want any surprises.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring your own – think pens, paper, reward stickers and lesson plans.

What’s more, this gives the impression that you are well organised, immediately building trust between yourself, the school and the pupils. Make sure you arrive early so you can settle in and familiarise yourself with the classroom before the students arrive.

Establish contacts

It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Say hello to other teachers and get talking to office staff and teaching assistants. They can offer you plenty of practical insights and advice during your first week, especially when it comes to your pupils.

What’s more, if you make a good impression you’ll have a better chance of being invited back to teach at a later date. Not to mention the fact that you’ll instantly feel more relaxed once you’ve established a few key contacts across the school.

Ask questions

After you’ve introduced yourself to people, you should feel more comfortable asking them questions. Make sure you cover the basics. That includes any questions about IT and logging into your computer, where you can find resources around the classroom and whether you have any support in the form a TA.

It’s also worth noting down some of these questions before you start your stint at the school to ensure that you don’t miss anything. That way, you can tick off what’s been covered as you go.

Starting a new school doesn’t need to be nerve-wracking. Use our handy tips to get prepared and master your first week. That way you’ll be feeling more relaxed and ready to take on your next challenge in no time!

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