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Information on COVID-19

Information on COVID-19

Step Teachers February 2020
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By now, you must have heard of the news of COVID-19 - a new virus in the Coronavirus family.

Due to the raised risk from low to moderate, we felt it necessary to let you know of all the appropriate guidance and advice about COVID-19.  You can do this by clicking the button below.

Guidance for an education setting

If you've recently travelled to/from a Category 1 you should self-isolate, even if asymptomatic.  If you have recently travelled to/from a Category 2 country or area you should self-isolate only if you develop symptoms and call NHS 111 to inform of recent travel.  Do not go into your local GP.

Remember, if you are unsure always seek advice first.

Specific countries & areas

If you have self-quarantined due to recent travels to/from affected areas, please get in touch with your consultant.