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Oliver Henningsson - My experience at Step Teachers

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Having undertaken an internship as part of my university course, my experience of working with Step Teachers has been an eye-opening one. For many students finishing their university degree, life as a graduate can seem daunting when you are expected to find your dream job and settle into working life.

An industry placement allows students to gain the experience of being in a 9-5 workplace while being given the opportunity to get involved within a certain field or aspect of business in which they would like to start a career in. I was able to apply familiar business concepts and terminologies from my studies in my role as Resource Consultant and other various assignments (such as marketing); from completing application forms, calling prospective candidates and conduct interviews.

I have successfully created a marketing plan for Step Teachers, in which I discussed the external factors and events which impact the recruitment industry in the UK. With this exercise, I was able to use the skills I’ve acquired during my time at Step teachers and apply these in future projects. Another aspect of this role has been clearing candidates for work within education. Interviewing candidates and talking to them over the phone has given me a great insight into the office environment while making me realise the hard work that goes into the HR and recruitment process.

Despite interacting with customers and management daily within the retail sector, the transition from working on the shop floor to an office environment was quite stark initially. Within a few days however, I got more comfortable talking to candidates over the phone and dealing with situations of a complex nature. This has helped increase my confidence and will undoubtedly benefit my ‘people’ skills in a social setting.

With more and more graduates joining the already crowded job market, I believe that employers are increasingly searching for employees with a certain skill-set and relevant work experience. By doing a work placement while still at university puts you in a stronger position after graduating; you will have more skills, a more comprehensive CV and a whole lot of confidence in your own professional abilities.

To do or not to do a work placement, that’s not a question. It’s a no-brainer!

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