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Becoming Trauma Informed

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​Lotta Sampson-Stone is a highly experienced pastoral lead working in an inner-city school who recently completed her Trauma Training qualification (Practitioner in Mental Health and Trauma Informed Schools and Communities) through Trauma-Informed Schools, UK. This training was then disseminated to the staff in her school as part of their high-quality CPD. Lotta has kindly agreed to share her training with Step Teachers so that this important research can be shared amongst more professionals working in the education profession.

 As teaching professionals, it is our duty to be alert to the possibility of trauma and to be able to engage with children on a level that always makes them feel safe and secure. 

 As you read through the presentation, reflect on your use of behaviour support strategies within the classroom. Are you aware of and following the school’s behaviour policy? Are you using positive behaviour support strategies? Are you using RIP (reprimand in private) and PIP (praise in public)? Are you aware of any additional needs within the classroom? Have you considered the possibility of trauma responses from pupils when dealing with behaviours in schools?

 When working within a school, always follow the behaviour policy of and try to find out about any specific needs within the class. Remember, positive behaviour support strategies always require us to act calmly and with empathy and kindness. As Lotta puts it, ‘to replicate best parenting’.

Trauma Information

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