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Feel Positive About Going Back to School!

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Welcome Back to School ... Almost!

​Being former teachers, we understand that heading back to school after the summer holidays can bring both excitement and challenges for teachers. But in order to help you feel positive and prepared, we have compiled a list of valuable tips!


Reflect and Set Goals

Take some time to reflect upon the triumphs and obstacles of the previous year. What strategies worked well? What areas could use improvement? By setting clear goals for the coming year, you can gain a sense of purpose and direction.


Professional Development

We suggest that teachers engage in relevant professional development opportunities during the summer or before the start of the school year. This will not only boost your confidence but also equip you with fresh strategies to implement in their classrooms. If you're looking to gain some CPD then why not use our trusted partner Creative Education!


Classroom Preparation

Prepare your classroom well in advance. An organised and inviting learning environment creates a positive atmosphere, which can ignite excitement for the year ahead. Try some colourful bunting, or decorate your walls with work from your children, or decorate with potted plants! Maybe having some life breathed into your classroom will make the space feel new!


Positive Mindset

Focusing on your strengths and the profound impact that can have on your students. Embrace challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth. Maybe sharing a kind note to a fellow teacher can improve your own mentality.


Time Management

Effective time management can alleviate stress and enhance job satisfaction with a balance of personal and professional life, so let's crack open that gigantic colourful planner - you know, the one with lots of folders, a gigantic calendar and sparkly stickers!


Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate even the smallest victories in your classroom! Acknowledging progress, no matter how incremental, can be fantastic motivation, so take the time to say I DID IT!


Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility is essential in the ever-changing field of education, and taking the time to listen to students thoughts about the new school year or catch up with other teachers can improve adaptability.


Celebrate Teacher Success

As a teacher recruitment agency, we make it a point to celebrate the successes of the exceptional teachers we work with. We proudly highlight their achievements and positive impact on students, fostering a sense of pride and motivation.


By incorporating these invaluable strategies, you can embark on the new school year with a renewed sense of passion, preparedness, and an optimistic perspective on your vital role in shaping young minds. 


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