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Supply teaching

Daily Supply Teaching

The most flexible approach to teaching, you’ll cover teachers who are absent from school due to illness or training commitments. Often ideal for newly qualified teachers (ECTs), daily supply work provides the opportunity to work in a variety of locations and get a taste of what a school or year group is like before committing to a more long-term appointment.

Short-Term Supply Teaching

An extension of daily supply, short-term supply teaching can run up to half a term allowing you to gain a greater insight into a school and its personnel. Requiring a higher degree of responsibility than that of a daily supply worker, short-term supply teaching represents an excellent route for less experienced teachers and support workers looking to get a taste of school life.

Long-Term Supply Teaching

Working in a role for half a term or longer, long-term supply allows you to take on the full responsibilities of a permanent staff member. You’ll often be required to make a more significant contribution to curriculum planning and wider school life while benefiting from having your own form class, conducting parents evenings and participating in departmental meetings. You’ll also be able to bolster your CV with a reference from the school upon completion of the assignment.

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