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Attachment Awareness Training

Attachment Awareness Training  

Step Teachers has teamed up with Melody Ward, founder of Developing Resilient Learners.  Melody is an experienced Head of School with a demonstrated history in the professional training and coaching industry.  Given her skills in SEL Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Mental Health First Aid and therapeutic approached to teaching and learning; she was the ideal candidate to run an online session about Attachment Awareness and Emotional Effectiveness training.  

So what is Attachment Awareness?

A growing number of children and young people have emotional and behavioural needs that go beyond the strategies we have learned through our training and experience.  

The short course aims to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers and support staff.  Emotional effectiveness provides a value-added dimension to behaviour management strategies and creates opportunities for longer-term solutions to children's well-being and resilience.  

Delegates that complete the training will:  

  • Understand the process of attachment and how it develops

  • Explore theories on attachment 

  • Be able to identifying those at risk  

  • Understanding the need for translation due to insecure attachment  

  • Recognise behaviour as communication  

  • Have the knowledge to help an individual to recover their mental health by guiding them to further support  

Who is the training suitable for?  

It’s ideal for those who work with children and young people in a professional or voluntary capacity. It is also beneficial for people who are interested in the mental and emotional health of young people such as parents or carers.  

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