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Teaching Assistant Training

Teaching Assistant Training

With our partners The Children's Literacy Charity, Step Teachers provides free training to our Teaching Assistant. Led by Alex Charalambous, the training offers you:

  • an introduction to working as a TA

  • essential Phonics

  • teaching High Level of Phonics into Spelling

  • effective deployment of an LSA

An introduction to working as a Teaching Assistant

This course will provide an insight into the work of a teaching assistant and provide a good understanding of the expectation of a TA in a class setting.  Participants will understand the impact they have on students’ learning and how best to support them.  Effective strategies on how to support children’s behaviour and build rapport will be shared.

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Essential Phonics

This course takes staff from the basics of phonics to its application into reading and writing across the National Curriculum. Participants will gain the knowledge they need to support and lead groups of pupils using any synthetic phonics programme. There will be a bank of activities and ideas to take away that can be used directly with children.

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Teaching the Higher Levels of Phonics into Spelling

This training session builds on the knowledge of the higher levels of phonics into the effective teaching of spelling. The course will focus on supporting the continuity of the teaching and learning of literacy skills as pupils progress through Key Stage 2.  Ideas for making spelling fun for children will be explored.

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​Effective Deployment of an LSA

Teachers will gain an understanding of how to effectively deploy their LSA to support pupils’ learning and development.  Understand how best to involve them in planning and how to communicate effectively and utilise them to enhance pupils’ progression.

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Please contact the primary team for any questions on the training events. You can contact them on 020 8191 7978 or email us.

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