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Interview Tips

Top tips to ace your teaching interview!

Interviews are often the most stressful part of applying for a new teaching position. That’s why The Step Teachers team has put together some of our top tips to give you the best possible chance of landing your dream teaching role.

  • Who. Make sure you know your interviewer’s title and name, as well as who else will be present.

  • When and where. Confirm the time that you’re supposed to arrive and plan your journey carefully. Research where you can park or where the nearest public transport route is, ensuring you leave plenty of time to allow for potential delays. Have the contact details of the school with you so that you can phone in case of an emergency.

  • Dress smartly. Irrespective of the school’s dress code, make sure you dress smartly for any school visit or interview.

  • Swot up on the school. Research the school from as many different sources as possible, including the school’s website and its Ofsted report. Also, if possible, try to visit the school before the interview. This shows that you’re interested, and there’s no better way of finding out more about the school community.

  • Job specification. Read the job spec carefully as the interviewers will be looking for a person who will best fit or exceed it. Your experience and achievements are important but only as an illustration of how you can relate them to the requirements of the job and the school.

  • Know your CV. With the interviewer likely to have a copy of your CV in front of them, its essential you know all of the information on there and that it’s up-to-date.

Interview questions

While interview questions will vary depending on the position, some common interview questions include:

  • What made you apply for this job?

  • What do you think the job involves?

  • What have been your strengths and weaknesses in the profession so far?

  • What are your plans and ambitions?

  • Why did you leave your previous position?

  • What do you know about our school? What are your thoughts after your preliminary visit?

  • Why do you think you’re suited to teach at this school?

  • How do you deal with stressful situations such as a confrontational parent, or a child displaying disruptive behaviour?

  • How can your interests outside of school benefit extracurricular activities?

After the interview

Inform your Step Teachers consultant as to whether you’re interested in taking the position should it be offered to you. We can follow up any clarifications or questions you have following the interview on your behalf.
Whether or not you’ve been successful, we’ll contact you soon as we’ve heard from the school. If you’ve not been selected, your consultant will ask for feedback which will help you get even more prepared for the next interview.

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