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Hear what the Business Studies teachers we’ve placed have to say

  • Fenna Kavanagh
    Fenna Kavanagh

    ​Thanks to Step Teachers, I have found the perfect business studies teaching position. They understood the importance of this subject and connected me with a school that shares my passion for entrepreneurship and critical thinking. Their guidance and support throughout the process were exceptional. Five stars!

  • Carmen Herrera
    Carmen Herrera

    ​I am immensely grateful to Step Teachers for their exceptional assistance in finding a business studies teaching job. They recognised the specific requirements of this subject and guided me towards opportunities that aligned with my expertise.

  • Romesh Bhatt
    Romesh Bhatt

    Step Teachers ​has exceeded my expectations in helping me secure a business studies teaching position. They recognised the importance of this field and connected me with a school that prioritises business concepts and practical application.

Frequently asked questions

  • Have a strong understanding of business concepts, principles, and practices. Effective communication and presentation skills are important to deliver complex business ideas to students. Analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a practical understanding of the business world are valuable qualities for a business studies teacher.

  • ​Incorporate a variety of interactive and practical activities into your lessons. Use case studies, simulations, or business games to allow students to apply business concepts and make decisions in real-world scenarios. Encourage group discussions, debates, and presentations to foster critical thinking and develop teamwork skills.

  • Supporting students in developing entrepreneurial skills involves providing opportunities for creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Incorporate entrepreneurship projects or competitions into your curriculum, where students can develop business plans or launch their own ventures. Offer guidance and mentorship to students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial paths.

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    Why learning is more than cognition

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