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Welcome to Class Act Teaching Services, the leading supply teaching agency in Oxfordshire. A company founded by former primary teacher Julia Oliver in 2001 and now part of the Step Teachers Group. Step Teachers was co-founded in 2000 by former history teacher Marios Georigiou and remains one of the country's independent family run teaching agencies with offices in North and East London, Norwich, Stevenage and Plymouth.

Visit any brand and it soon becomes clear why Step Teachers became and remains so successful, in fact it appears on most of their office walls - Honesty, Hard Work and Professionalism - the company's core values are proudly displayed. When prompted on how these worked, Marios explained.

We believe there is something special about Step Teachers - not just our rags-to-riches tale, but because of the core values that underpin our success. These are important to us and everyone that joins the Step Teachers family must understand them and express them in everything they do.

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Honest - We believe that honesty is the key to making us difference! We respect and care about our candidates. We recognise how important they are and that they act as our ambassadors in schools. We treat them with honesty and they prefer to work for us rather than anyone else. We're honest with our schools too, which means being transparent with our pricing and guarantee all our candidates are vetted properly. We buck the trend by being honest.

Hard Work - In the beginning, we had little money behind us, and hard work was free! We put in the effort and the hours to make sure we were successful. This remains true to this day. We work hard for our schools as we don't want to let them down after they've given us an opportunity. Our hard work makes us determined and dogged, and we don't go down without a fight. That's why we've always punched above our weight.

Professionalism - Our first office, The Shed, was in my parent's garden! This meant we made a concerted effort to be professional - coming to work 'suited and booted.' We were a proper company, despite our humble beginnings. To the outside world, we were a high street brand and a beacon of best practice. We weren't going to cut corners for any quick wins. We were thinking long term and to achieve that dream, we were going to be professional.

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