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Pay with Step Teachers

Looking for your payslip? You've come to the right place.

Working in Education is a rewarding career choice, and Step Teachers believes in ensuring you are fairly paid for the work you offer.

Where can I find my Step Teachers payslip?

You can find your payslip on the Step Perks & Pay portal, along with much more. You will also be able to find your P45, P60 and pension information along with access toStep Perks, a portal dedicated to saving you money for everyday essentials and the more expensive treats.

Go to the portal

I cannot get access to the Step Perks & Pay portal

You are given access to the portal after you have completed your first-day work with Step Teachers, usually by the Thursday of the week you have worked. You will need to register on the portal as this is not connected to your account. Once you have access to the Step Perks & Pay portal, you will be able to see your payslips and more.

  • First, click through to the Step Perks & Pay portal

  • Click on the register button

  • Enter your National Insurance number and Surname

How do I get paid with Step Teachers?

Whether you are a Qualified Teacher, Instructor, Cover Supervisor or Teaching Assistant - everyone is given the first choice of being paid on a weekly basis through PAYE ensuring that taxes and student loans are deducted automatically. 

I don't have a P45 to give you, what can I do?

If you don't have a P45 yet, you can complete the new starter checklist here.

Fill in the New Starter Checklist

My tax code suggest I am on emergency tax

If you have not supplied us with your P45, you can complete a new starter checklist here. Once we have received this, we will pass this onto HMRC who will update us with your appropriate tax code.

I work with multiple agencies and want to register with an Umbrella Company

While most of our candidates work with Step Teachers exclusively, we absolutely understand if you are working with another agency. If your current agency is using an Umbrella Company you may be able to ask them to switch your pay to PAYE instead. If you still prefer to register with Step Teachers using an Umbrella company, please speak to your consultant for more information.

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